(When finished the car will look somewhat like this one - Our Swedish demo.)


Do to the fact that there is no MK1 Escorts here in Canada... The choice was made to use a 2WD, 2.5L, 5 speed, 1991 Chevy S10 pickup truck.  To build your own Locost (or any other hand build car please contact use for more information - chris@halerconcepts.com )  (all smaller pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them).

* Want your company name on the finished car and on our website? We are looking for sponsors and companies to work with on this, and other projects. Your company name will get a great deal of promotion as this car will be our company demo!

Step 1: Donor car


Step 2: New chassis...




- Stripping all the parts from the S10 is completed in a days work.

- Rear end from S10 before refinishing   

-And after it has been sanded smooth and repainted. Drums will be rebuilt and new covers installed

  - Front wishbones and steering rack fitted

      - Brake lines and fuel line P-clipped in place

  - S10 front hubs didn't fit the way I have the front end mapped out... so off to the junk yard to find these new ones.  (Which will be redone shortly and new discs added).

- Dash board cut and covered in vinyl (ready to be cut for steering column and gauges

- Custom trunk/fuel tank cover  (covered in vinyl)

- Aluminum side panels fitted and riveted in place


- Test fitting the S10 engine and transmition.... not to impressive is it? Out it comes!


Here's all the brake/hub parts. They were are sand blasted and then repainted. Look like new now and are ready to be installed.


Fitting the radiator and test fitting the steering rack

The wheels I will be using... supposed to use 14 or 15 inch wheels but figured 17 inch chrome wheels would look much better... And be much harder to fit! Think they will be to wide so I will have to remake the fenders. Could be a lot of trouble to put these wheels on!

Here's the new wire loom that will be used, first shown as it comes then after I have wrapped it with wire loom covering.

Front suspension and wheels fitted for the first time.


Rear suspension fitted and wheels on.

rear drums fitted.jpg (33560 bytes) body fitted.jpg (44331 bytes) hood decal.jpg (38660 bytes)

Also have this '39 being built in our shop

Project has been sold - build pictures will be posted as the build continues.